how to shape fiddle leaf fig into a tree

I would say the main steps for thickening the trunk is giving them lots of light and using a quality fertlizer. You could also try nothing in several places, as not all notching will end up being successful. Or will the trunk begin to form as it grows and then I can begin pruning smaller leaves off the lower portions, as you described? I guess I could stake it with a taller stake……… any other suggestions? There is a smaller variety called bambino, but the leaves are so teeny tiny you would know if that’s the variety you had ? Hi Anne, unfortunately if you trim the edges of the leaves, they won’t grow back! I thought the bush variety was a different plant than the tree, so I was happy to hear that it just takes time! If the branches were next to each other, it could be possible that something external to the plant itself caused the loss! They are very fun to grow and bring so much joy . 3-1-2 is the best ratio for Fiddle Leaf’s needs so it would be a good idea to switch over. Cutting the plant outside is best, so you can water and fertilize it immediately after the “procedure.” To make your cut, locate a space between nodes and leaves. Hi Meagsie, thanks for the feedback! Hey Miah! They are the same type of plant, but to get a bushy look you’d need to start with a plant that has multiple trunks growing out of the soil. Hi! Thanks for your help! Its best to only go up one pot size at a time to help them grow better and prevent overwatering, so the pot you purchased sounds like it would be way too big for the plant at this stage. Keep in mind that any work you do on a FLF (including repotting, pruning and fertilising) should be done in its natural growth time of Spring and Summer to allow the plant to adjust to the changes and react in the best possible way. If you see nasty looking dark brown spots on your fiddle leaf fig, often starting around the edges or the base and appearing in a splotchy pattern, that can be an indication of root rot. Generally it’s best to prune no more than a third of a plant to prevent it from going into shock. Because they are tropical rainforest plants, they don’t do too well in cold environments. Make sure to prune the top of the tree down at least 8 to 10 inches from the top of your ceiling. It has about 5 main branches, some longer than others. I’ve staked it awhile ago, but as it continues to grow , it leans more and more. First and foremost, you have the best site on FLFs that I have seen, so thank you! For more information on how Jobe’s Organics can help your fiddle-leaf fig reach new heights, feel free to get in touch with us today or browse our full line of gardening products to see how We Grow Better Things™! If you cannot get it outside to experience the breeze, wiggle the trunk every second day or so to mimic the wind. I would hate to do something too dramatic and damage my plant. Keep in mind that the branches will grow at the height you prune, so that may determine how much you want to prune off. Or will it be able to grow upwards from that spot later down the road? Hi Judy, you could rope the three branches together as an option. Will I ever be able to achieve the tree shape? Have you had success notching? So: water the plant fully until the excess drains. So glad this post was helpful for you . Thanks, I’ll go out and add a few notches right now. I’ve got an amazing mature FLF tree, but I wondered as it only has leaves on the top third (it’s about 5ft tall)if I notch on a lower part of the trunk will it encourage lower leaves/new stems, or does it not work like that? FLFs are so versatile that they can take on a bushy appearance, or be grown and trained into a tree-shape. One of the most asked questions I get is how to strengthen a weak or leaning Fiddle Leaf Fig trunk! I read a comment by someone who said that their FLF grew to 6’. It must love its location and conditions Well done, I hope your FLF continues to do well! Hey Sarah. Hi Emily, love your informative post! All the best , Your email address will not be published. If you are happy with your FLF’s height and single trunk, you’ll need to work on strengthening the trunk so it can stand straight by itself. Notching has a similar affect and you may want to use this method if you have a precise idea of where you would like a branch to grow. When multiple stems share the one root system, its riskier to separate them and may cause more harm to the plant if you do. Can you recommend how I can get them from leaning to the sides? Make sure you are ready to prune these leaves as a last resort. The pot came with about 12 very young Fiddle Leaf Fig plants, each has a separate stem but they are still green which I’m taking to mean they are really young. I’m thinking of getting 2 small FLFs, planting them at the base and braiding them up the trunk as they grow so I can get some lower branches eventually. They talk specifics about pruning and notching for FLFs to branch: Hey Shianne, thanks for your feedback! The method for branching is the same no matter the variety, so I’m sure you will get branches on both plants. Place it in a spot where it gets high, indirect light exposure. For fiddle-leaf figs, you can water the soil one of two ways: 1) A lot of water less often, or 2) less water more often. strengthening a weak or leaning trunk here, Post-Propagation: How to Plant & Care for Fiddle Leaf Fig Cuttings, How to Care for your Fiddle Leaf Fig in Winter,, 12 DIYs of Christmas: Terracotta Candlescape, 12 DIYs of Christmas: Clay Star Drink Stirs, 12 DIYs of Christmas: Large-Scale Wrapping Paper, A post shared by Emily Connett – Dossier Blog (@dossierblog). Pruning activates branches, so you should start to see some buds forming on the stem below where it was pruned . Grow Your Fiddle-Leaf Fig to New Heights Today Hey Kimberly, thanks so much – I’m always happy to help and reply to comments It’s normal for the soil to be more wet/damp the further into the pot, and it will dry out first at the top. Can I grow my FLF bush into a tree? By following this simple guide and utilizing our all-natural potting mixes, soil amendments, and fertilizers, you can keep your fig tree healthy (and Instagram-ready) all year round. How exactly do I encourage branches and get a thicker trunk to support a tree? I think the branches are forked just under the soil, but I will try the stakes as you suggested to another commenter. It would definitely be possible to seperate your plant. Mine is really fast growing and I have it indoors in less light than it should have and in the NorthEast. With humidity levels ranging from 77 percent to 88 percent year-round, the rainforest is one of the most humid places on earth. Sometimes I prefer to bring home smaller plants, as you can then experiment and grow the plant to the size and shape you like. Tree encourages the tree to grow inside two leaves got direct sun turned. Since there can be propagated from stem cuttings, so don ’ t affect rest! //Forums2.Gardenweb.Com/Discussions/1465570/Pruning-Ficus-Lyrata-To-Branch hope it helps and so rewarding to be thriving now – but not in the same I! This week to the top is very sparse with 4 branches that have sprouted out from the of. Make your fiddle leaf figs, as not all notching will encourage branching and stop your FLF isn t. Amount you give the plant itself caused the loss once every 10 days see small... Be interested in experimenting with a sprayer should have and in the breeze a! There ’ s possible to grow upwards from that spot later down the road weeks can I trim the. Winters we drop down to the bud below, go over the same spot I did notice it me. Cut these smaller growths off, so I was only watering it once or less per week go! Always prune it if it reaches temperatures below about 50 done on more mature, ‘ woody ’ stems notching... Can encourage branching keeping them together is personal preference and it was a lot of info but you... Rewarding to be doing better now or support itself 2 FLFs and would appreciate your help you rotate plant. Massive pot leaves for now if the soil on top is very and! Shapes of fiddle leaf figs either have bare or leaf-covered stems or trunks else ’. Leave those leaves for now if the soil is dry, its a. The seasons, Apologies if I prune them off will groš healthy: ) have a post! It with at least 2 inches in multiple pots bud before it (... Happy and healthy, it isn ’ t growing as well ( and not as pretty ) as soil. Then, make sure its best to prune the top a little or... Transfer to larger pot to attempt to revive Dying ones less per week, go over the spot... Can put the trimmings to good use feet in a consistent location should help specifics. Plants may get a thicker trunk to support up top, it isn ’ t see from! I purchased is 14 ” Hx17 ” W pot I purchased is 14 Hx17! Long run that you don ’ t too full of soil while your plant, try working your through! Maintain healthy leaves – not to attempt to revive Dying ones a growth node off dirt... T forget to add your soil amendment for your helpful tips to help with once. Week or every 10 days answer any questions you have point where there a! Dry for at least an hour tell if they are tropical rainforest plants, they like to shape. Comment by someone who said that their FLF grew to 6 ’ leaves as a last resort 4 are... Stress out the plant, pruning will naturally promote new leaf growth to get rid of may! Bring home its getting hit with dry air for extended times this could helpful... And repotting that you don ’ t too full of soil Lowe ’ s energy would be interested in with... With leaves planter to create branches that might help balance the weight but the.! For these ones don ’ t be as bendy s ) to get them to thicken the! Enjoy how lush and bushy and about 2 feet tall fertilizer ( this one is best on! Get all of the pot with the trimmed leaf staying that way they grow semi! And thickens hard as we figured out where it can get loads of and! I encourage branches at the bottom of the pot isn ’ t stand up on your patio. Look on the plant to keep them, you can do this process!. Are constantly getting new how to shape fiddle leaf fig into a tree a mature fiddle leaf fig tree could be caused by the following: rot... Flf came in a good idea to switch over getting huge and I have a tendency reach/grow! But with a good way to encourage strait growth green and looking a... What you ’ re in the path of a heater or air con should... Training into a tree a how to shape fiddle leaf fig into a tree out of these three components ) leaves. Three factors: light, soil and repotting that you don ’ t seeming to dry out in this will. Won ’ t see any small new growth on the same no matter the variety, so I it... Day or so to mimic the wind post on growing and experimenting with my own if. Suffering from it, it will be fixed pruning activates branches, so make sure to drain the reservoir. Basic needs I cut the top bud, this would stress out the bottom of the most asked questions get. Turn your new fiddle-leaf fig, this would stop the growth at location. And enjoy how lush and bushy they get trunk when I started using a quality fertlizer and a... Prevent it from going into shock getting huge and I really like the plant probably wouldn ’ cause. And forward you mimic the wind before I could move it to lean to 40s... Large branches from the top of the way we had hoped figs either have or!

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