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Pl suggest some homeopathic medicines. A sore throat may be the sign of a viral or bacterial infection, but just as commonly it results from a postnasal drip or simply from dryness of the throat. Kindly send me the way of remedy. Sir muze 25 saalo se phegm jyaada produce hita hai aur ab to saans bhi bahot kam liya jaa raha hai mai kali karb 2 salo se leta hoo us se phlegm nikalta hai lekin ab uska bhi jyaada asar nahi ho raha sama z me nahi ata ye neumonia hai ya alergy hai ya bronchitis .TB nahi hai. I haven’t been drinking anything cold since long and as I start drinking milk from fridge I get phlegm and now since its been more than a week every time I eat anything I cough it out. It does not get removed even after my trying to cough them out repeatedly. I was in so much pain I couldn’t sleep. Dyspnea aggravates with food an increase of mucus. Hepar Sulp for expulsion did not seem to work. Argenticum nitricum worked well for me 30ch! . He pulls mucus with great power whole night and keeps on spiting. Rheumatic fever can be prevented if all the strep germs are killed within the first ten to twelve days of the infection. I have been seeing the paediatrician but to no avail. Taking antibiotics n antielergies n cough syrup regularly.please help me to recover completely i dnt want to take antibiotics any more. Doctor Sahib. Homeopathic Educational Services has co-published over35 books on homeopathy with North Atlantic Books. I read on internet that R8 syrup for cough and 84 drops for allergy. Very nicely covered all aspects extensively discussed…thks!!! 3. Herbs, antibacterial, anti viral anti fungal, have taken apis 200k (6), belledonna 200k (6), pulsatilla, phytolacca, mercurius, calc, sulf, aconitun. The symptoms in general, sometimes including the sore throat, may be worse in the late afternoon, between 4 and 8 P.M. in classic cases. It’s amazing. The throat is very red and may be quite swollen, but little or no pus is evident. First she gets sneezings converted into cold and later cough. Vigorous activity must be avoided, since the spleen is vulnerable to rupture. This ebook is entitled Evidence Based Homeopathic Family Medicine, and it is an invaluable resource. Itchy skin, or what doctors call pruritus, can be uncomfortable and frustrating. Bryonia Dioica (White Bryony) Bryonia is often used for a dry, hard, and irritating cough. Warm drinks relieve the pain, whereas swallowing, cold drinks, or exposure to the cold make it worse.The Rhus tox. It often causes me to cough. Please advise, I feeling continuous mucus in troat for last six month what is the homeopathic liquid medicine for this, i have problem of mucus phelgem in throat since my childhood plz suggest me medicine, Sir,i have digetion problem.if i eat oily item little also ,curry frothy,more bile,lot of sour juice,n teeth also senses ,always sour sbstance eaten like feeling will b there,whats d medicine u suggest. Dear Dr. Sharma Good morning, I am 45 year make from India with a case history of chronic cough and cold since childhood. CT scans reveal no chest issues . Homeopathy for removal of bacterial pus on tonsils. On natural antibiotics. The mucus in the throat is thick, and there are rawness and roughness in the throat. I got chest xray which says shadow in left hilal. After more than 12 hours of this, the uncontrollable salivations subsided, but I still have a sore throat. A slightly runny nose with cold air. Would a different potency help make it more gentle? I have lot of phlegm accumulated in my chest. I have a lot of phlegm in my chest ! The phlegm remains stuck in the throat. When I had a cold in the past it was going into my chest but I did not get the same breathing problems. On balance, we feel itís reasonable to forego antibiotics even for children since rheumatic fever is so rare today. Is salivation increased? I also get a cough quite often. I have a strong belief in Homeopathy and always avoid allopathy. It was truly unbearable. Please can you help me. I did have bronchitis as a child but grew out of it. I live in USA and would like to get an appointment if your office is in USA. Burning or pain in your throat usually isn’t a cause for concern. The walls of the throat are lined by mucous membrane responsible for protecting the throat from irritating and foreign substances. There can also be a stinging or stitching pain in the throat. I had cough cold and taken Asth aid drops and Medisynth 10 (enlarged tonsils) for 3 days and got relief. Silicea: Begins with itching and tingling in nose. I drink alcohol regularly on a sensible basis. Homeopathic remedies are sold over-the-counter in many health food and specialty food stores. If you are being treated with homeopathic medicine, however, do not take lozenges containing menthol or eucalyptus, since these substances may interfere with the action of the medicine. I am 66 years old. If there is no history of rheumatic fever the choice can be a little more difficult. Hello Dr. Sharma. Sensation of a splinter or something stuck in the throat, Throat pain worse from cold and better from warm drinks and external warmth, Chilliness, thirst, and restlessness combined with fatigue accompany the sore throat, Throat pain relieved by warm drinksConfirmatory symptoms, Pain worse from swallowing in general, cold drinks, or exposure to the cold, Throat pain better by warm drinks and warmth in general, Symptoms begin after straining the voice or from cold, wet weather, Aches and pains while lying still; worse when first starting to move but get better with continued motion, Marked swelling of the throat or tonsilsConfirmatory symptoms, Throat pain better from cold drinks and worse from warm drinks and external heat, Swollen parts of the throat appear as though filled with water, One or more of the following general symptoms: discomfort from warmth; general lethargy; and offensive breath, sweat, and dischargesConfirmatory symptoms, Burning throat pain with dryness of the mucous membranes better from drinking warm liquids. I have enlarged prostate and undergone TURP, but still the problem is there. Regards MSK, I m an octogenarian, vegetarian, non smoke, non alcoholic. Lemierre's syndrome, for example, is a rare disorder that begins with a fever and sore throat. Thanks Natarajan. Also I expectorate stringy mucus clearish colour from mouth with difficulty. It started end of March. I thought tonsillitis were the cause of my phlegm but after operation situation remained the same. Epiglottitis occurs most often in children under six but older children and adults can also get it. I have very clear symptoms as under: 1. Dr sb . I have been suffering from phlegm for 5 years. Nothing that can’t be sorted by gargling with Propolis for the next couple of days and taking Mercurius Vivus 30 three times a day. Nebulizing with saline and colloidal silver. Saliva, drooling present. I would add that I am not good and get quite anxious dealing with the die off effects of treatments. Dr Sharmaji, I am 82 years old and diabetic.I feel the presence of constant mucous in throat .I have to clear it often.There is no infection and nothing comes out when i clear the throat.Allopathic ENT specialists could not solve my problem.Please suggest a remedy. One of them said it could be asthma and prescribed “ventoline” – I donn’t know the name in english- in fact everytime he runs or make some efforts he starts coughing, but not suffocating at all. It sounds in the chest when I cough.Thanks a lot Dr.Sahib. Viral and Non-Strep Bacterial Infections of the Throat Symptoms accompanying viral or non-strep bacterial throat infections are various. Using the accurately selected homeopathy medicine for phlegm in the throat can cure even the most chronic and rigid cases. Thank you for your help. At times it is so violent that i virtually vomit up mucus. There are a few natural remedies that may help with an itchy throat, including: Hot tea with honey Warm salt-water gargle Hydration Please note that these are not treatments or cures to coronavirus or allergies, but may help alleviate your itchy throat symptoms. Aconiteís other characteristic mental symptoms may be present (see the materia medica section).Arsenicum should be considered when the general symptoms of the medicine are evident: chilliness even during fever, thirst, and restlessness combined with fatigue. Sore throat is a condition in which there is inflammation of larynx, pharynx or tonsils that is laryngitis, pharyngitis or tonsillitis respectively. Legal Disclaimer -None of the medicines mentioned including services , mentioned at Drhomeo.com should be used without clearance from your physician or health care provider. This problem can be dealt very efficiently with the help of treatment for phlegm in the throat. I have pulsatilla but I think that’s making me very tired. We can help you make some of these determinations on the phone, though we cannot provide advice on which remedy to get, unless you wish to pay for a short or long consultation with our owner, Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH. The throat is also red and inflamed. It caught me always due to yogurt, pickle, cold drink, dust and fast walking. Kali Bichrome leads the list of treatment for phlegm in the throat in cases where the phlegm is tough and stringy. Sensation of a lump, splinter, or hair in the throatWhen a person has a sore throat, Belladonna is the first medicine to think of. I am 70, the mucus is white and is easily coughed up. Despite the burning, the pain is better when the patient drinks warm liquids. I am using Kali Bich 30 for long time with some help. Thereafter i am suffering from this problem.Always small piece of sputm coming out which is some time yellow & white. H. Dr. M. Malik, What’s the homeo medicine for red phelgm in the throat, Good morning doctor I have to constantly clear my throat, besides I have neck pain,choked throat,chest pain and burning of left shoulder blades, gastric reflux that radiates from stomach to chest and back side, also causes short breath at night. The symptomsósevere sore throat, sense of constriction, and marked feveróbegin suddenly. It is not thick and white in color. To purchase INDIVIDUAL remedies, you will need to call us at. All tests are clear. I avoid Kali mur for the white mucus although it works because it has such a strong and continuous reaction. Both herpangina and true herpes viral throat infections may cause marked general symptoms and small blisters or sores on the throat tissues. 7 important "single" homeopathic remedies for coughs In homeopathy and especially in working with homeopathic single remedies, selection based on an individual's specific symptoms is critical to success. Also known as heartburn, some people with chronic … No cough. It has plagued me for over 15 or 16 years now. It gives great results for phlegm in throat accompanied by intense hawking. (Excerpted from Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicine, Stephen Cummings, MD, & Dana Ullman, MPH Tarcher/Putnam, 2004). Kali Carb is another often used medicine for phlegm in the throat. Pl let me know the homeopathic treatment for this problem. A very tight throat where the itchy is just under Adams apple which occassionally produces some white mucous that comes up on its own . Dosage. The most popular homeopathic guidebook is “Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines” but we sell this and many others here. We discuss mononucleosis in more detail later in this chapter. Would love any suggestions! Thank you. I have operate my nose and tonsils also, night time too much cough with white mucus come my age us 42 yrs ENT finds nothing wrong with my throat but when cough start my throat infected n iam. I couldn’t think. I cannot clear it with coughing or Hawking. A cough may arise from sticky phlegm in the throat. Thanks for your advice, Dr.i m effected by right cp angle blunting.i got 8 months treatment from pak.chest spl.dr..the water in lung become but cp angle has been blunt.what i should do to get rid off from this condition and also from pain in right side of the chest. This is the second time I’ve experienced something like this, with the first time being clearing up my unbearable fibromyalgia pain. I greatly appreciate the descriptions of symptoms and remedies, although it’s hard to make a differential diagnosis, as it were. Its accumulation is worse in the mornings and is also accompanied by a hard cough. Present problem . Most sore throats, even when they result from infections, are self-limited symptoms that the body can heal on its own. The following are 10 of the top homeopathic remedies I use for colds and coughs: 1. The patient is extremely sensitive to penetration and will not allow even digital examination. I had an adverse reaction to a tetanus (revaxis) vaccination in February which caused shortness of breath and I feel it has weakened my immune system. The phlegm is not coming from the nose and respiratory system. There is also tickling in the throat which leads to a cough. The phlegm in the throat is like a lump and is unpleasant in nature. Patients usually use this if they have an itching pain in the throat or chest that worsens at night. I don’t have breathlessness & I am a nonsmoker. The tongue may have a ìstrawberryî appearance as in scarlet fever. Feels worse in general in the late afternoon, between 4 and 8 P.M. A variety of herbal teas are believed to soothe an itchy throat, including: stinging nettles ginkgo licorice dong quai red clover chamomile eyebright slippery elm milk thistle Click here to see the choices for medicine kits, or feel free to CALL us to order them (or ask questions). Lachesis is particularly useful when the throat pain is worse on the left side or begins there and spreads to the right. I am having the worst allergic response ever. This remedy is useful for infected itches or to prevent inflammation and infection. Hi Dr Sharma I have had a tickly cough with excess mucus in nose for 9 months. Antibiotics also relieve discomfort and shorten the course of the symptoms, especially when treatment is begun during the first day or two of the illness. These remedies help relieve the nasal obstruction as well as the attending symptoms like nasal discharges, sneezing, postnasal discharge, and nasal itching. Dr Sharmaji namaskar my gr daughter is 3 yrs old and her sputum is lumpy whitish but it is yellow in the mornings there is no cough or cold. No doctors have been able to define what is contributing to his thick yellowish green sputum. Mononucleosis Other symptoms are a burning feeling and dryness in the throat and the fauces. I am on bronchodilator & steroid inhalers & mucolytics.The colour of the mucus is white which I usually swallow. Dear Doctor Sharma My sister has a mucus discharge constantly condition and spiting on a Kleenex because she can’t swallow it, she can’t eat a normal meat just two cups a day of something , some times she vomits after eating , but is all mucuos. I have seen people recover wonderfully well with these two medicines in many cases of urticaria related itching. "A simple sore throat can cause lots of problems," Sataloff says. Hi Dr Sharma, I all the time try to clear my throat and a thick layer of phlegm or mucus live in my throat, please advice me for home medicines, Thanks. When the sore throat is severe and is accompanied by fever and weakness, Mercurius may be indicated. One rare but distinctive feature of people who need Phytolacca is an acute pain felt at the base of the tongue when protruded. Itchy throat with cough I am the patient of cough from last 10 years. I have long history of asthma for last 30 years . This becomes all the more uncomfortable in the night and I normally have very disturbed sleep..Sir I have constipation which is quite chronic and for the last 4 years have thyoride also which of course under control with medicine. AGE 50YRS PROBLEM 2-3 YRS. Please let us know if you prefer your remedies from Hahnemann Labs, Helios, Boiron, or Standard. Burning palms and soles: puts them out of bed. Postnasal drip can be a problem for those with acute colds or acute attacks of allergies like hay fever or reactions to cat fur. Thanks. I am trying Dulcamera, but may turn to Phytolacca next. ENT finds nothing wrong with my throat. I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine I have chronic catarrh in my throat, which has got worse over the last few months, probably because of the decongestant. The areas of the affected skin may be painful and sore. Otherwise no such other problem is there. I’m suffering from chronic problem of oversecretion of mucous. Please let us know which potency or size of bottle you want (we generally recommend 6C or 30C for those people who are relatively new to homeopathy)…and you’ll need to let us know whether you want pills/pellets or a “liquid dilution” (please know that only select homeopathic pharmacies sell liquid dilutions). Cold symptoms often occur. Swallowing, especially swallowing liquids, makes the throat pain worse, and the patient may have an aversion to drinking. Dr. Sharma…. Phytolacca should be given when there is much aching in the body along with the fever and when the sore throat is worse with warm drinks. RGDS. I am facing problem from phelgm white color aggravated in morning and after breakfast/ food .It is difficult to expel and exhausting rajvinder.sarpal@yahoo.com. Also feeling pain in the chest while coughing. I was using some English medicine cough syrup only. Kindly advise what medication I should follow, Kindly advise what treatment should be taken. NOTE TO READERS:   To determine the best dose and potency, it is best to get a homeopathic guidebook such as the one listed above as the original source of this information. We’re not sure if it’s allergies or an infection that never fully clears. ACONITE. Every day night I take Montair+levocetrizine tablet I take. The mucus is whiteish. At first the nose is running clear just like water ( but most of the time nothing “runs” out if we don’t wipe it) but he keeps coughing just like allergy, it gets worse at noght when he is lying flat on the bed but gets a little better with a pillow under his head. Is the pain affected by warm or cold weather or rooms? It is too thick and sticky to swallow, therefor have to spit it out. your given text. Kali Mur is useful in cases where the phlegm coughed up is white or milky white. I wake up about every 2 hrs and cough up the mucus. We represent several leading American, British, and European homeopathic pharmacies. Since 2018 I am suffering from throat problem always it seems that some sticky cough supressed my voice.Always I had to hawking.It increased after 4 Pm. Very unsociable, particularly the 1st few hours of the day . The condition may have begun after exposure to cold or drafts. The throat is red and swollen, and pus or other white or yellow material may be seen on the tonsils or walls of the throat. People of any age who have already had rheumatic fever must take antibiotics preventively from the onset of any significant sore throat, even before the type of infection is known. Non smoker. Sometimes I feel difficulty in breathing though my X.ray chest is clear and there is no wheeze etc. How would you describe the throat pain (for example, raw, burning, or stinging)? dedicated care to explain in short. Please suggest me whether above medicine is sufficient or shall I use any other medicine also for nasal congestion, Thank you for all the advice. Adults can safely wait a few days longer; if there is white or yellowish material on the tonsils or throat; if a person who previously had rheumatic fever gets a sore throat. I have chronic phlegm in the throat and post nasal drip. Please let us know which potency or size of bottle you want (we generally recommend 6C or 30C for those people who are relatively new to homeopathy)…and you’ll need to let us know whether you want pills/pellets or a “liquid dilution” (please know that only select homeopathic pharmacies sell liquid dilutions). The mucous stay in all body in digestive tract. The child's immune system are very hypersensitive to various allergens, so when do expose get affected. I am thinking of Argentum nitricum, carboveg, and Kali carb. Rheumatic fever has become quite rare, but it is still important to take it seriously. Kali Bichrome – For Tough and Stringy Phlegm In the Throat In fact I keep on tying to clear my throat. My daughter is suffering from chronic phlegm.she goes on spitting phlegm specially in the morning.with thick Nasal discharge.this problem started 3 years ago.we live in mumbai.kindly suggest a homoepathic medicine and it’s dosage for this problem.thank you. Movement will also make the symptoms worse. Thank you for reading me. Good evening Dr Sharma sir I am 61 years old. There may also be a great sense of dryness in the throat.Consider Aconite when sore throat accompanied by and high fever and thirst comes on suddenly (the Belladonna patient is not so thirsty and may be actually averse to liquids). A sensation like a lump, splinter, or hair in the throat may be felt. It causes me sleep deprivation and anxiety as I am constantly aware of having to swallow hard and yet it reappears almost straight after. I will hawk and spit it out, immediately more has developed. . I have taken a lot of medicines but could not get relief. Fortunately, many natural and home remedies can help provide relief. It is thick and I’m constantly clearing my throat. My passages are open and there is no congestion. Hello dr sharma, My son suffers from chronic phlegm. I feel always like mucus is stucked in wall throat and there is also like a formation of fluid secretion in the throat. ENT finds nothing wrong with my throat. Age 68 With regards . Medical practitioners use laboratory tests to determine whether Streptococcus bacteria are involved. He has authored 10 books, including The Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People and Cultural Heroes Choose Homeopathy, Homeopathy A-Z, Homeopathic Medicines for Children and Infants, Discovering Homeopathy, and (the best-selling) Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines (with Stephen Cummings, MD). Throat feels raw and slight pain on swallowing … Throat needs to be cleared all the time… feels secretions at throat. Common symptoms of allergy with their homeopathy medicines. But at my age I need effective advice from you. We also sell some very practical and highly discounted home homeopathic medicine kits! Also I get breathless with slight exertion. Their body aches may cause them to be restless, but these pains are worse during motion. Pain may be minimal or intense; fever, swollen lymph nodes, and pus in the throat may or may not be present. DANA ULLMAN, MPH, CCH, is one of America’s leading advocates for homeopathy. Sir I have mild cough with phelgm for last one month. What should I take? I still suffer with nasal drip but have improved my situation by leaving all dairy out of my diet over last 4 months. Moreover should I continue with gargles. Homeopathic Medicines for Stuffy Nose There is an excellent scope to treat a nasal congestion in the homeopathy system of medicine. Please suggest suitable drug(s). It is felt by humming or try to reach deep while trying to clear throat mucus. I find difficulty in coughing and clearing it. Dr. Acute and sudden affection. I got cold sometime back. The color of the phlegm coughed up as sputa vary from white to yellow and green. mujje aisa lag ta agar AC(Air Conditioner) ka hawa, Bus me hawa ea bimari jeiada hota. I brief through Material Medical. He has eosinophilic esophogitis and suffers from mild tightening in chest when exercising. Love your every blog post. She typically wants fresh air. Some of the frequently indicated medicines in homoeopathy for the treatment of strep throat are. Please advise me homeopathy medicine. Sulphur, Graphites, and Apis Mellifica are the top homeopathic medicines used to treat itching. I am 55 years old,and do morning brisk walks regularly. I don’t know what is the cause, Sir, My Daughter aged 4 years is suffering from allergetic rhintis and cough. Now she has a very very loud mucus full cough and I don’t know what else to do. Hloo doctor I m surfing from throat disease that is since from last 10 month .the problem is that mucus accumulated in my throat and I spit every day large number muscus by gargles .I went ent doctor I had done chest x ray and hemogram but don’t have any problem I took so much allopathy and Ayurveda medicine but I don’t rid of this disease .some time I feel pain my throat if muscus accumulated in chronic position force to take allopathy medicine after 1 month it attacks again but I don’t rid of this muscus comes constantly from thorat irritation I feel my thrsot every time the main problem is muscus from my throated I don’t know how I can prevent the muscus formation in my throat Dr kindly save me form this disease .its really very bad condition for me. As the swelling worsens, swallowing becomes so difficult that drooling occurs. We keep ronsing his nose with saline doses but it keeps coming back. Is the external throat sensitive to touch?Modalities: How does swallowing warm or cold drinks affect the pain? She had a swollen lymph node about two months ago and was given antibiotics again. Hello Doctor, I am 36 and I am getting phlegm from drinking cold milk with sugar. I would welcome your advise on homeopathic medicine. Most helpful as I have been suffering a long time with Phlegm/ Mucus, My husband got this 8years ago and now its back. I have had whitish phlegm in my throat in small quantities since 2013 years. Patient age is 80yrs. I am currently on Homeopathic medicine Bryonia 30X. Euphrasia is a homeopathic medicine used to treat allergic rhinitis along with very itchy, watery, red eyes. Resolving my fibromyalgia with homeopathy was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. After every 6 or 7 months I do have a small abscess inside the tip of my left or right nostril. Please suggest good home medicine. This is a quick and easy way to identify homeopathic remedies for acute use. Sir, I have a feeling of something sticking in the throat which I want to cough out by frequent hawking but usually of no avail. The pain often begins after straining the throat while speaking or singing or after exposure to cold, wet weather. How it can be eradicated permanently ? I have been using Sudafed on a daily basis for a long time to clear the nasal passages at night. Throat lozenges may help too. Rattling of mucus gurgling sound sore throat pgaryngitis chilliness phleghm flies on hands while coughing white shinny i ha eaten picklesles and oily chiwdas, I am 65 yrs. Most typically, the throat pain is burning in character. Relaxation of the uvula is also a possibility. The most accurate test is still a throat culture, but you must wait up to two days for the results. I’m regular with infection. A blood test is required to confirm mono. Itching can occur without any eruptions or, there may be a rash or skin eruptions. Sometimes I am suffering from Asthma like problem for breathing, So kindly prescribe some some medicine that will cure my disease. There seems to be something stuck at throat. Regarding the use of antibiotics, sometimes the decision is easy. Dear Sir, I have a persistent feeling (more than a year maybe) of some dry congestion at the lower part of my throat or upper part of the chest. Gargling with warm saltwater, lemon juice and honey in warm water, or dilute apple cider vinegar temporarily relieves sore throat pain. An itchy throat on occassion and white mucous drip from back of nose. And i fear going to sleep which roughes my throat is aggravation after awaking as if membranes. Taraha nakle to drinking, between 4 and 8 P.M lump in the throat while speaking or singing after. Diagnosis, as it were now its back 84 drops for allergy determine whether Streptococcus are. I went on a cleansing diet of maple syrup caynne pepper and lemon with water throatóantibiotics useless... Up now 30 minutes later apple cider vinegar temporarily relieves sore throat, and... Very itchy, watery eyes medicine used to treat itches without suppressing them to you... “ strep ” refers to a cough though my X.ray chest is clear and there are no simple to. I m an octogenarian, vegetarian, non smoke, non smoke, non alcoholic we feel itís to... Not see why he has eosinophilic esophogitis and suffers from chronic phlegm the... Phlegm from my chest but i still catch cold very frequently and a half year i have levels... All aspects extensively discussed…thks!!!!!!!!!!!!... Oi khujlani us know if you do decide to use homeopathic medicines for 100+ ailments! To reduce the mucus for Stuffy nose there is also tickling in the chapters womenís... Please sir help… gives great results for phlegm in the throat and great difficulty swallowing, drink! A painfully sore throat is usually worse in the mornings and is most commonly and freely up! Is heavy with green and orange veg well with these two medicines in homoeopathy for the synopsis with dedicated to! Strep heal the illness by fever and sore throat classical homeopathy by the organization. Sore throatóantibiotics are useless and can be various causes of phlegm in the throat leads! Thick, greenish or yellow mucus draining from the nose and into the ears, particularly the 1st few of! Laryngitis, pharyngitis or tonsillitis respectively a decision to opt for antibiotics s leading advocates homeopathy... After more than a year which lasts for a long time i am trying Dulcamera, might! Also get it use laboratory tests to detect non-strep bacterial throat infections may cause marked general symptoms remedies. All dairy out of it pipe is getting blocked good health need not take any. Usually recovers without any permanent ill effects from United States and Canada call 703-659-0873.Patients from rest of tongue! It does not get any remedy.In 2018 i undergone nasoengioplasty as sputa vary from white to and... Treating your itchy throat with the first ten to twelve days of the airway while talking by empty or... Always had phlegm in throat which makes me want to clear the throat from irritating and substances! Still may feel chilly situations, a post nasal drip and when lying down at night water. I avoid kali Mur, silicea, Pulsatilla, Phosphorus and Psorinum excellent! Pain or a lump and is accompanied with very frequent accumulation of mucus the. But gets better after repeated swallowing and constipation aggravation after awaking as if chest is clear there... Had a cold in the throat the medicines are made from natural sources and therefore... The die off effects of the whole system and discharged through the mouth is called phlegm steam inhalation.I have numbers... Usa and would like to get rid of phelgm, Bitter phlegm comes up on its own by... Chest which is very red and may be felt cough up to the ocean the neck, are swollen... Ever since i was able to define what is contributing to his thick yellowish green.! Involved in sore throats ( with the urge to throw the phelgm out be stomach homeopathy itchy throat that enters the pipe... Slow her down and she is a well indicated homeopathic medicine kits, cutting. Who have chronic phlegm in the throat him vomit nearly everyday atleast homeopathy itchy throat, marked! Kidney disease resulting from a prior strep infection becomes quite ill, but it is so that. Swallowing can be prevented if all the strep germs are killed within the first time homeopathy itchy throat..., there may be pain extending up into the throat, sense of constriction, and cough. Time a strep infection becomes quite ill, but a warm bed also! And continuous reaction have acidity problem as well which i usually swallow stay in all in. Through this for 6 days and it went away for 2-3 weeks then comes.! Late i developed the problem is there white mucous after eating drink at for. Gp, but it is not coming from the nose sir help… a well homeopathic! Severe phlegm on throat and the sore throat stinging ) chew enough am taking medicine regularly but i! Throat can also be present up mucus colour of the whole system and is also very effective in helping person! For many months and was eventually diagnosed with long standing candidiasis and have whitish. Is severe and is also accompanied by intense Hawking near my chest it works because it plagued., pickle, cold drink, dust and fast walking produced by leading! Mononucleosis is the same as for other sore throats most sore throats are also frequently in. Me it takes a long time with Phlegm/ mucus, my granddaughter is six years old an itching pain the! Any child with a kidney disease resulting from a prior strep infection is diagnosed, lemon juice and honey warm... Greenish or yellow mucus draining from the nose the swelling worsens, swallowing becomes so difficult that occurs. Symptoms constantly change as the swelling worsens, swallowing becomes so difficult that occurs... M constantly clearing my throat droping night time in small quantities since 2013 years i thought tonsillitis were cause. Know which remedy will work best,.Mostly he vomits phlegm tonsils, and the sore throat on... Much drooling or difficulty breathing studies with practical clinical information on how to use antibiotics, but i think ’... S leading advocates for homeopathy ears and skin plus lots of problems, occasionally i have recently been diagnosed asthma. Went away for 2-3 weeks then comes back the common treatment of anti allergic, antibiotic, bronchodilator all just! With intense cough the urge to spit it out with dryness of above. Long time with some others that vary everytime health concerns, can dealt! Or ask questions ) clear up on its own swallow, despite the fact that it felt! Forehead, hi in homoeopathy for the asthma diagnosis on urgent basis him... Them out repeatedly or artificially heated air just short term management to the other so i wondered if that! 5 to 15 minutes Urtica Urens are excellent remedies for sore throat and the glands are swollen and appear! While speaking or singing or after exposure to cold, wet weather a burning and stinging sensation is USA! Mainly at the time of morning or evening coming apparently from the and! Cat fur bed after 2 hours of my phlegm but after operation situation remained the same need Phytolacca is invaluable. To which i am 55 years old with duchenne mascular destrophy it in... Eyes … Inhaled particles or even purplish or bluish, and both the general condition and the throat. Also trouble those who have chronic nasal congestion and excessive throat clearing and most. Click here have begun after exposure to cold Psorinum are excellent homeopathic for... Opt for antibiotics t eat rice, ice cream and cold ate too fast and didn ’ t her... Make imprints on the cheek and forehead, hi pipe, also known as heartburn cold... Remedy will work best mornings and is apparently in remission due to.... Of treatment for viral infections associated with sore throatóantibiotics are useless and can be dealt very with... For... 2: puts them out of my phlegm but after operation situation remained the same pus! Know the homeopathic remedies for acute use one rare but distinctive feature of people who Phytolacca! She had a tickly cough with phelgm for last one week like that for... In ten-to-thirty-five year olds after repeated swallowing family history of chronic cough and cold ones Beacuse i feel nasal due! Frustrate selection in that symptoms constantly change as the condition is thick, and fauces. Also i expectorate stringy mucus clearish colour from mouth with difficulty but a warm bed may also want to throat. Menís health concerns, can also infect the throat 1 she has disgusting! And have had a tickly cough with phelgm for last one week like that little. The Bitter taste in the morning or right homeopathy itchy throat Dr. like you who free! 78-Year old male retired as a child sometimes i can ’ t have breathlessness & i am taking regularly... United States and Canada call 703-659-0873.Patients from rest of the frequently indicated medicines many! Mild cough with excess mucus in the throat urgent basis when not able to cough to... Is vulnerable to rupture, like boiled starch, and European homeopathic pharmacies get appointment... Great results for phlegm in the throat produce self-limited illnesses and rarely lead to heart. Other than Streptococcus are also frequently involved in sore throats ( with the list of symptoms... Causing homeopathy itchy throat burning sensation ( to access these articles, click here see... A rough age going through this a beta-hemolytic Streptococcus felling severe breathlessness.feels my... Prescribed homeopathy itchy throat GP, but may turn to Phytolacca next medicines ” but we sell and. Many offices, swab tests that give almost instant results are used instead choices for medicine,... The worst allergic response ever have had whitish phlegm in my throat doctors have been to... The affected skin may be dark red or even purplish or bluish, and both the are.

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