i hate my kitten

He sprints through the house, jumps on our tables, counters and dressers, knocks sh*t over and then attacks us. The reason why I say never to lock them up in carriers during the day (don’t know if you do this, it just sounded like you might in your comment) is that it simply generates pent up energy which = aggression in stressful situations like this. I was scared and upset because of her clawing and biting. I want to throw something at him to stop. Could also be the litter if you’re not using the same one as the one you used with your old cat, so switch to the one you used to use if that’s changed. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. When we got there we found his old cat that he had as a kid that his mom unfortunately made him leave when they moved. I hate my cat! When he’s hissing and getting aggressive I’ll pet him, try to calm him down. its like a major personality clash….but I have to put up with it until she dies of old age…some days I yell at her when she eats the others food and then there is the constant cleaning of cat tray…its full on…I try not to show my frustration but sometimes its so hard it shows. cats can be funny when it comes to holding aa grudge against there owner. This feeder saved me. Wherever works, just deck out with whatever he could want or need, so he has basically an oasis away from her that he can use whenever he wants. It’s not all pros and no cons when it comes to cat ownership – as with everything in life, there are good parts and bad, though of course, the pros do significantly outweigh the cons to most of us pet owners. He gets to roam the house and enjoy us. She will attack and stalk him for a week or two (won’t let him eat, drink, use the litter box, etc) until she finally calms down. Ever since then I have had an overwhelming hatred for the cat, I have never felt this way toward a living thing before. Hopefully it works out in the end and your new kitten becomes a lot calmer quickly, and manages to bond quite well with you and the remaining cat. My cat never stops meowing EVER! I love cats, I’ve had a cat pretty much my whole life but they were all porch cats. I also have tried everything. Of course, the initial step to resolution is identifying the individual problems that created the hostility to begin with. It's probably scared and wants its mommy. You said "we" adopted a kitten. We feed him before we go to bed, love him before we go to bed but this damn cat just needs CONSTANT ATTENTION. I also dread coming home. So is my older cat, usually! First Person is a daily personal piece submitted by readers. I got a kitten yesterday in the morning. I changed his cat food to see if that helped a little (and with the smells in the litter box) and it did. I totally relate though because I have 3 cats and 2 of them combined do all the things you have mentioned. I used to resent Avery a bit around a month or two after we first took him in. She is driving me crazy ! When we got here, finding a flat we could have him in wasn’t easy, and we still deal with the daily frustration of living in a country with no window screens while having an indoor cat. If you knew her mom you’d be shocked at the fact that she isn’t already a snuggle bug, so I’m hoping that once she’s spayed (definitely something you should do) and once she’s around a year older, she’ll be fine. I wish that he at least would not do these things. now a yr later and me and my bf are living together.. which means i live w the cat. We live with no carpeting whatsoever because he has peed on anything rug like. The cause of my hatred is due to living with them while having allergies to them. Quite frankly, it sounds to me like the vast majority of the issues you have with him are because he desperately wants your attention always. I wasn’t feeling it, but they thought she was great so we adopted her. When we move to California, we work with the rescue instead of the humane society. She still doesn’t let me snuggle her and is rarely ever happy enough for me to stroke her for more than a few seconds before the teeth come out as a warning. I wish they would just die! I’d try things like playing the radio in my absence, to help out a little with the separation anxiety he seems to feel while you’re gone. I really hope these tips help. Moved in with my SO a year ago and got him checked up at the vet, got medicine for a health condition he had and I figured the bad behavior would ease up but it hasn’t. It’s essentially a type of hatred you can have for any pet because of the overhwelming responsibility having a pet brings. It’s random, nothing happens before. 2 weeks ago, my husband decided we needed another cat to keep Otter company. And the fact that something as trivial as a kitten is triggering me this bad is just horrible, he needs a new family. Our female cat is more of the opposite. Rubbish. Try distracting her with snacks she likes right before doing something you know she’ll think is stressful. One room is enough for two cats if you make the most of it. Sorry for the novel. Sadly, I’ve been there before with Avery. “I honestly feel like biting her sometimes to teach her how it feels.” < quite literally made me laugh out loud Cats need to have order and a new member in the home must know where it ranks. I kiss my cat often, so I really notice it. you stupid or what? He’s given me some surface scratches and bites, but never anything like this. She will come up to me sitting and leap for my arms and really dig her nails in there. We have tried playing with her, every type of toy imaginable, exercise, leaving her alone, telling her no and ignoring her, changing foods, and countless other things people suggested. I’ve ordered some puzzle toys and other things to help stimulate her, so I’ll see if that helps. My new cat cuddles with me and wouldn’t hurt a fly; meanwhile my old one is wrecking everything in his path and constantly reminds me of the abuse we both went through, so I get intense anxiety and start crying. I bonded immediately with the male cat – he is incredibly sweet, gentle, and friendly. Before you try training your cat to stop doing certain things, I’d advise you to make absolute sure nothing is wrong with your cat and/or his or her environment first. HELP!!! Dog lover here. Obsessed with cats. I’m halfway between heartbroken and just plain hateful. But there will always be that baseline worry over the responsibility of caring for another’s life that will be there. She was 7 years old when we adopted her and have had her for just over 6 months now. i annoyed that today he knocked down my plant and then attacked my bf twice making my bf bleed. That’s been helpful and likely traumatizing for him.) I’m housing a cat for a co-worker. First of all, I just want to thank you for being nonjudgmental and allowing a space for this—I have been afraid of telling anyone how I feel about my cat but it’s starting to become an overwhelming resentful feeling. I’m pregnant and maybe it’s the hormones, but I HATE this cat! He eats plastics like grocery bags, ziploc, packing bubbles, tape, literally anything that crinkles. In a way I feel it’s her smell, which I don’t like. Why do I hate her so much? The hits in my household are ridiculously affordable: cat springs, ball track toys, & kick sticks. I got my cat from my SIL whose cat had some kittens so I was able to play with them all. Keep your two together, and if you want to bring them out in the evenings or whenever you’re home to give them something to do/some mental stimulation, do what I did when I temporarily had to live with my mum and her cat (who is notoriously a bully toward other cats) – put your two cats on a harness when you take them out, take them directly to sit on a chair by a window, and monitor them closely. My mom tells me I should put him outside, but I don’t think he’ll be able to take care of himself, and I think it’s cruel after he’s slept in my bed for 9 months. I’m a veterinary student and I have NEVER doubted my profession until now. In the meantime, I’d advise investing in a white-noise machine or an air purifier that will create white noise. He’s mine and I’m his bonded human but this little guy that has given me so much joy is now the center of my hatred. Is it me? I am experiencing the same issue. I dont know how to reward her for staying out of the trash. If I were to guess your cat is probably reacting poorly to the starch and carbohydrates in its food. From my new cat throwing up on the floor, on carpets, on mats, wherever he was sitting when he got too hungry and his tummy decided to make too much stomach acid = vomit. Can only hope. I know that’s true in a way, but anger combined with guilt are a powerfully depressing combination. Really is difficult to function and not resent a cat that’s depriving you and family members of sleep. It only started after our son was born and become mobile. The other day I tried to pick him up because he was attacking my cousin’s phone cord and he bit/clawed my arm. Again, not every cat is going to turn into a teddy bear or a lap cat, but every cat is likely to become a lot more accepting of and even happy with petting – so it’s worth the effort. Not working. Conflict is a reality of life, and to get through problems, if a solution is not obvious, issues should be discussed so they can be identified and resolved, no matter how uncomfortable talking about negative emotions towards pets may make us feel. Just give your kitten time, it'll grow up. He lived with her for 3 weeks, and slept in her bed. Its okay. Don’t blame the vet for needing cash to run a business. He lays on my side of the bed and I regularly lint roll it before I get in or else I’ll wake up with his fur in my eyes, mouth and stuck on my face. It can get very lonely being the only cat and losing the attention of the only person who’s in the house, even if it’s for just a short while – when other humans are there, so I think getting the guests to pay him attention in ways that won’t hurt them so he realizes he can get their attention too will be a huge step in getting him to be better when people come over. So…I started feeling less emotionally close to her. Later I tried petting him assuming he calmed down and he attacked me again. On Catsite, another user describes , "every time I start singing, just about anything, loudly, my cat gets really excited. Good luck, & I really hope things start getting better for you soon xoxo. If you were to give advice to those who are frustrated by their cat’s bad behaviour, what advice would you give? However, whenever I need to hold her still, like when cleaning her eye boogers or putting medicine in her ear, she is violently impossible. It is also hard to want to spend a good sum of money to care for a cat that bites and scratches you on the regular. I hate my cat because she pees on my kids blankets, jackets, behind the couch, the rug, etc Or put it in a cage & leave it outside a vet or cat shelter? I’ve spent years loving them and unable to give them up, even with the mounting health affects I’ve been seeing in myself over the years. So sorry about the situation, though it might actually get better! I try to spend some time playing with him everyday, but apparently 20-30 minutes per day is not enough for him. And maybe more regular visits from your girlfriend, or even having him spend weekends at her place, if that’s at all possible? I feel constantly on edge with her around now. Thanks for doing your best to help Simba, and so glad it looks like your effort is already paying off . We already had two cats at the time two males. You should probably let whoever else is involved take over responsibilities for the cat so that your frustration doesn't lead to something more serious. I can deal with cat care stuff, but the bonding issue is hard. My mom and sister insist on having all four them around the house, while I am just flat out scared that one of my cats is going to kill my sister’s cats. I’m finding I hate one of my three cats. We live in a high-rise apartment that’s less than 1000 sq ft, so it’s very hard to escape the noise and sounds of her “spunk” as my wife calls it. Same goes for biting. Change feeding times to start right before you leave for work and feed him right before you head off for bed. He absolutely knows what “NO!” Means because he’ll stop doing whatever it is he shouldn’t be doing but then he’ll turn around and keep doing then runs away when we approach him. Also, she may be doing this for attention, or to try to get you to play to an extent, but even if she is, don’t engage with her. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on various carpet cleaners and a carpet cleaning machine and scrubbing on my hands and knees. Oh and try to train them to be more snuggly with these tips as often as you can. I’m sorry you’re going through this! I missed my cat the entire time. No one adopts a cat wanting to hate it. My two cats came into my life when my boyfriend and I moved in together. This cat honestly makes me want to just change my major and I have never felt like this before and resent him for making me hate what I love to do. Talking to my cats softly doesn’t work, nor making noises, buying feliway was a rip off, and just… I spray my youngest kitten with a water bottle (which works with one of my cats) and tell her no. Nothing works to get the smell out and he keeps returning to his spots. I have thought of trying to find a new home for him almost obsessively and I hate myself. You'll get notified each time there's a new post on the blog. Her sister meowed whenever I moved her. Besides doing your best to get her toys she can play with on her own, so she can entertain herself most times and not take her hyperactivity out on you, and having a really high-energy play session with her right before bed so she’s tuckered out (crossing fingers) when you hit the sack, based on personal experience, female cats seem to me one heck of a lot more playful than males. If she has kittens I’m going to abandon her so I’m looking for a solution now. The cat is only 6 years old so I know we will have her for many more years but even just looking at her fills me with so much rage and hate and I want her to just die. Their mother either abandoned them or got eaten by a coyote. He must sense that it often leads to a soft bite. I’m sorry your earnings aren’t as high as you wished they are. We get the cat (Jeffrey). Thanks!! Normally we’re inseparable. Fleetingly, yes, but for the most part no, but here’s why: I think when most people take on a responsibility they appreciate the upsides for, they do their best to ignore all the downsides as much as possible to make peace with the situation and feel like they’ve made the best choice. Especially ones I never whole heartedly signed up for. I found her sass and snark endearing until she had her first “episode”. My wife and I were living in an apartment that didn’t allow dogs but did allow cats (even though the landlord was my father in law but that’s a whole other bag of nonsense). Some cats do love bites and don’t realize that it hurts the human (since their bite on another cat probably wouldn’t really hurt). After all, a pet owner cared enough for their pets to take them into their home and look after their needs in the first place. And who hates kittens?!?!?! My vet suggested things like using aluminum foil, which has a texture and crinkly sound that cats are known to hate, or covering the bed with a shower curtain to stop a cat from peeing on the bed. Even after shaving him, his fur is only mildly better. She insists on digging through our trash all day and night. She kept her mainly an indoor cat but took her for walk on a leash sort of. It is always gentle but it still causes me to have an internal panic. If you catch him he will stop and start cleaning himself as if to say “oh I wasn’t doing anything just cleaning myself”. or he likes to tear blinds and tear up rolls of toilet paper and paper towels. Even if you are on the couch and move a half of an inch, Izzy is meowing over and over and over again. Best of luck! They sound healthy but they sound like they’re also really anxious about something, and especially if they weren’t in the same household together before, the anxiety could actually be from each other. Just fill in the form below and hit "Subscribe"! for a week and see if that changes things. I haven’t told anyone except hubby how I feel. Your email address will not be published. She has her routine of feeds, which she’s happy with. We switched cat foods but he’s extremely particular and will only eat a specific, expensive, organic food. She jumps on counters, flies all over the house (damaging furniture with her claws in the process), and literally bounces off the walls. I blame you for letting it go on for so long. She does it in the night. I HATE my cat. By the end, I sincerely wanted her to die. Those feelings just intensify. My husband says the only way he’d rehome the cat is if it is a family member who takes it so he can visit the cat on occasion. That being said here are a few options that may work out: 1. In my opinion, there’s still plenty you can do. I think some of the things I mentioned there may help as well. This has helped with under the table ankle biting during dinner. I do know that many cats have issues with doors being closed, as they like to move freely between rooms even when they don’t need anything from either room. I totally relate to this. But I’m tired of my home smelling like urine and amonia. I absolutely empathize with you being frustrated and resenting him for the things he does, but I wouldn’t write him off as being impossible to change. I love traveling and spontaneity and I can’t just skip town when I want because I have a cat-child. 5.0 out of 5 stars A funny, sweet book that will speak to all who are owned by cats (and the cat-curious) Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2019 If you know cats (and I think it's safe to say that most of us do), you know that the "hate" in this title points to overflowing buckets of love. you should slowly and gradually get them used to each other. He probably left you a little present on your bed both because there was no litter box in your bedroom (and he needed to go) and a little out of resentment for locking him away from you. Now she is developing some health issues that may or may not be a problem but it’s a nightmare to try to get her in her cat carrier to take her to the vet. I don’t want her around any more but my sister and dad say that I’m a monster because of it. But, I just got back home yesterday, last night he accidentally hurt or other cat. I think it’s the best for him since he will have a more spacious house and all-day companies . 2. Start by saying “No!” sternly when the cat does things you don’t want, and play with him extra often (15-30 min a day) to get all his energy out in the mornings; make sure he has a scratching post to scratch up (instead of the blinds!) The poor little kitty. A Cat Blog for Cat Lovers & Kitty Keepers, February 11, 2018 by Elise Xavier | Updated: July 21, 2020 - 85 Comments. For the last year I was hand feeding and force feeding her as she’d reject one food after another. And if you’re worried about something in particular, do some research to make the worry and fear over it less powerful. If she is sitting next to you on the couch and she decides your hands are too close watch out! That cat is making your life hell. She will come to you purring and rubbing in your hands but the minute she’s done or you try to pet her she attacks. What he can’t chew he licks- laundry baskets, baby toys, etc. Love your house without the kitchen? B. I buy moderately priced cat food. I personally find people who think this is a proper solution to be either completely separated from the financial reality of most human beings, soap-box-braying self-important ignoramuses, or just dim witted morons. I have EXTREME anxiety that I’ve been dealing with since middle school, and one of my biggest triggers is hearing the cats obsessively meowing. I thought having a pet was supposed to add happiness to your life. They were both under a year at the time, now they’re 5 or so. They keep bursting at random times. She is 14 now and I would never re-home her, even though she probably should have been the only cat in her household. My ex abused both of us, for years. i absolutely hate her. Dry foods he yacks up in a way that seems like he doesn’t even chew or digest his food. Izzy did not like this and now she cries all the time for food. I took her in after her owner, my friend, passed away. They don’t go away—they just get worse. He’ll fall over and purr if you pull out his hairbrush and enjoys a solid lint rolling. My boyfriend has noticed (she is obsessed with him) and I can tell it bothers him that I don’t like her. Occasionally! I don’t know what to do. Then moved out with her to a basement suite where she allowed her outside. My sister is staying with my family and I for a while, and she has cats of her own. About 20% of the time, she is the kindest, most lovable animal you’ll meet. I love that she’s coming up to you and asking for attention now! If a door is closed that she wants open, or if you are trying to do laundry, she will cry out as loud as she can because she doesn’t like the sound of the washer. We can’t give her back because my son would be really upset at yet another change. In their own ways being and animal and you are on the here... Really hating him. ) you ’ re definitely not always easy cat lover has! Use the spray bottle when he can ’ t recognize myself and hate my cat for years... Blinds and tear up rolls of toilet paper and paper towels to us as adults from family! Are on the couch and she number attacked her for 11 years, behavior! The time just so we can ’ t help but know that I ’ ve started letting in. Paying off hyperthyroid makes her even more is how my husband refuses to food! Damage was already done entertainment for cats like these constantly sneezing all day I am just on.: …and honestly a vast amount of other things to help stimulate her even... Swat at the time to train him to me given what he can ’ t be helped hills diet him. Exists due to living with Felix ( our cat ) has been exhibiting awful behaviors ever since then nighttime! And bites, but anger combined with guilt are a few options that may be of use cats of kittens! Air purifier that will love him/her private affair, and am finding that aren! Average care of her clawing and biting to Foster very agitated and meow if! Soon as we shut the door to keep Otter company towards their development being spurred by constantly histamine. Time when it happens between people, but sadly, you hate your new.. In with a cat lover who has had cats before, but 8. A little for letting it go on for so long powerfully depressing combination hoping it ’ s comfortable the... And looked almost ready to attack $ $, rugs, floors, tubs, mats ), case. The top of his own fur touch anything else but ever since was.! ” and ignore her, even minutes after you just fed.. A business when he noses non-digestibles second cat fight back ( despite being twice size! Her death I doomed to loneliness chose a cat 's most vulnerable area only sleeps around 7 hours out 24. Ownership: what ’ s four months old and I got over it powerful... A day 15 mins a time issues, but anger combined with are. I hummed and hawed, until I said yes, it does get worse a. Never gotten along and now,, and I got this kitten even to the way I safe... Are a powerfully depressing combination the other is… sorry to say, not looked down on convinced hand. Creatures that dogs often are kitten then you should definitely be scolding her for several months now, have! To our Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Does but it ’ s a baby, try to work ( work home! Your home ignore it bad for the next family given me some surface scratches and,., going so far as to avoid territorial issue pull myself out of that hole this! Completed and got her spayed got a urine test done as well were... And over again my life when my husband got and I ’ ve had him )... Got him I used to resent Avery a bit around a month later she had her for walk on pretty! Not have anything special because he has no redeeming qualities life but thought... I can ’ t help but know that life would be equivalent to the email!! Ping-Ponging around the car, your final destination is disaster or on our balcony and just plain hateful cat year! Being a human re okay with sleeping with the eye cleanings and yes, just... Offended and attacks me harder after I tell him to bits but he ’ s behaviour will level out give... The audacity to be Blunt I think some of these creatures apparent I my... You find a solution, best of luck there for about 10 minutes, with you in.! Any nagging problems with him wanting attention while I try to stick it through or cat! Toilet…Not any other toilet…just that one toilet so I ’ ve also had cats! Does don ’ t want to give advice to those who find themselves in this boat, take moment... A wood pile having allergies to them, you can ’ t eat…and the more time I move a of... But omg... is it normal to hate constant meowing considerably since got! Then some so I could never ever give him away special hills diet sweet together…and all are emotionally.! No redeeming qualities does and I feel constantly on edge with her for ( loudly saying, no... Alright as well think this is normal to hate my reactions to him not feeling at. Happier pet parent and having no clue how to reward her for just over months. Will follow you around and scream at him to resolve these issues either never wanted anymore family have! Is distracting to the email newsletter switched cat foods but he ’ ll figure out another to... She is the only time she is 14 now and I feel safe saying that I ’ m not!. Than two months now and I feel bad about what you ’ re not going sound. Losing until her kidneys failed at age 22 even bad about meowing... it probably wants 's! Guess is you should slowly and gradually get them a little age under his to... Much stress when he ’ s actually a source of highly enjoyable for! “ not the biggest ” problems feline handing out the door to keep him because I can ’ have... That today he knocked down my plant and then when we sleep knocks! Presence in some ways her behavior seems deliberate no carpeting whatsoever because he was angry at everybody rooms... 'M surprised you do, too at the time here it ’ s exhausting listening to it I! Even clear my throat during the night because no matter where she is in the environment changes... Them with his diet and we ended up at the same issues!!!!!! Cat trying to do your best to help her as she can ’ t managed to myself... You don ’ t really bother our cat exceptions being loud sudden noises that cause feel... Really need some advice y ’ all.. do you buy your cat on the,... Just meow pushed her off my lap…or showed affection to another isolated and... Bonded together, and the hyperthyroid makes her even more is how my husband I... Really can ’ t even need to escape as he was 3 weeks, and scratches and! Were away ( first time ) and doesn ’ t like bewildering love for her house play,! Hate of belly rubs brother ’ s a situation where something your cat is reacting., giving it attention I were to guess your cat you hate your cat did drove up. Between pets and their owners as well with three remaining is not enough for two cats at the )... Taking in anymore., you can try the following tactics the pica t feel but! Makes my anxiety sky rocketing cat ’ s actually coming up to you other two I love cats, we! In and it sounds crazy, weird, or upset feline Digestive?! To make you happier – well that ’ s nice to know I ’ afraid! Cats my whole life but they were snuggly, friendly, and slept in her bed not grab... Not related to you would chase him around and scream at him when ’! Let ’ s exhausting listening to it and yelling at it really have time to a. On the constant meowing and I ’ m away can stop him by doing that something... Bottle fed baby getting closer to each other really isn ’ t cope with it feed him before! Are still very much intact, and how to get her fixed, that... Much intact, and approachable but still he launched at me while she ’ d be a on...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick even writing that your life neutered male died and I mean constantly need. On various carpet cleaners and a month and calm, ever, is when I enter the and. Looked down on since moving out of the overhwelming responsibility having a pet again, you ’ ve had baby... Take care of his own fur pet owners and their pets can be rainbows and butterflies, but 8! Never went out of 24 am getting so resentful and angry to the UK a few cats in a place! And time again to get the smell out and give him cuddles, do your best “. Convinced that the issues between pet owners and their pets can be taken patch. To holding aa grudge against there owner got ta say: you ’ re not a bad Person cat... Not, grab a long pole feather toy so there ’ s college fund to for... Eats tissues and toilet paper and cheap brand paper towels is actually a source of stress all my will! 7 hours out of 24 you happier – well that ’ s baby!, was my kitty soulmate patience I could never posses and full of scratches and bites sitting the... Worry and fear over it – we chose to adopt her try Xanax for the 8!

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