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We’re not saying it isn’t popular. It has several spelling variations, including the popular Gretel and Gretal. It’s short, smooth and timeless. This name sounds as peaceful and flowing as its meaning ‘calm’. It is a sign of abundance and blessing in Native American and Asian beliefs. Lisa is the short form of the Hebrew name Elizabeth, which means ‘God is my oath’. When it comes to baby girl names for 2020, here are five trends to look out for, along with the 100 most popular names for girls. Any of these names would be a cute choice for your beautiful baby girl. Tess is one of the most fashionable forms of Theresa. Is It Safe To Travel By Car During Pregnancy? You can either use it as a nickname for Olivia, or keep it as it is for a catchy moniker. Looking for a list of lovely names for your baby girl? Common floral names such as Daisy, Iris, Rose, and Lily are also among the most popular Good Girl names. Hi all i have a son already finley, and this is my last baby we have a boys name but are struggling with a girls name i like unique names my husband likes sweet names that end in 'ie' or 'y' any help would be greatly appreciated, just thought i'd mention should this baby be a boy someone from this site gave us our boys name so you are all really good at this. Bijou, the French word for ‘jewel’, is as pretty as a precious stone. You have just had a baby girl, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Here is a comprehensive list of cute, popular, unique, and traditional Italian girl names. Here's a list of 150 beautiful, unique, common, and uncommon names for your baby girl. Dovey would make a cute nickname. Twin names: 75 perfectly matched names for girl twins, boy twins AND boy/girl twins! There’s no better sentiment to bestow on your baby girl than Hope. We understand need of modern parents! G entle baby names and what they mean, for gentle, delicate, soft, kind, with 59 results. Lark is a sweet songbird, found in the meadow. Noble. Below we have listed 150 English names that can help capture the essence of your child’s values and what you wish them to stand for. Italy and Greece transformed it into Anaitis. Find out which siblings name fit and what twin girl names other parents have chosen. Anya is sweet and simple, but has spunk. This short and sweet baby girl name appeared in the top 1000 name list in 2009, with #331 spot. Melissa . Paris, the cosmopolitan city of France, played and still plays, a crucial role in films, cuisine, art, literature and of course, fashion. Along with Baker, other names that mean sweet in the US Top 1000 include Melissa, Melina, Anika, Myra, and Angelica. Cute Pet Names for Your Girlfriend Deciding upon a pet name for your girlfriend can be tough. It definitely sounds like a delicate name for a sweet baby girl. Naming your dog is a big deal. These sweet ideas are inspired by food, pop culture, humor, and more. A short, pretty name is elegant both shouted across the playground and addressed in a boardroom. https://www.cosmopolitan.com/lifestyle/a56582/baby-names-inspired-by-food In Spanish tia means aunt. Bianca. Hulton Archive Getty Images. It’s stylish yet distinguished, and works well, both on its own and as a short form of Helen or Eleanor. A girl with the name Quinn might have a career as a famous lawyer. Sound of Music fans would recognize Liesl as the name of the eldest Trapp daughter in the movie. Anya is sweet and simple, but has spunk. This name means ‘to love’. This moniker is associated with innocence and sweetness ever since Jill from the nursery rhyme took a fateful trip to get a pail of water. These 1-2 syllable names are perfect for a cool middle name. Beanie. It borrows its glamor quotient from Vivian Leigh, Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Winds. Elsa is elegant and beautiful, perfect for your little princess. Althea is one of the few least-used Greek names in the US. It does sound a bit old-timey, but it is still sweet and gives a classic feeling for a newborn. In Slavic, it means ‘grace’, and has its sweetness and delicateness intact. This classic moniker, with analogs in English, French and Italian, has seen a recent revival. Let me know if these are the names you've chosen for your sweet baby too! By Caroline Picard. Its straightforward meaning, ‘clear, bright’, will go down well with traditional parents. This short form of Elizabeth came into forefront via Mexican singer and actress Litzy. But its origin is in Wales, where it means ‘keeper of the keys’. Zuri is one of the fastest rising names in the US. Sweet baby names include familiar word names such as Baker and Sugar, as well as names with less obvious links to sweetness, like Jarah and Eulalie. Rose has been one of the most popular floral monikers since centuries. This moniker is a favorite with parents who like names with deeper meaning. It is only a matter of time before she steps out into the world and becomes an independent young woman. So it would make a unique moniker for your daughter. In Roman mythology, Juno was the protector of marriage. Aspen (#269), Adelaide (#298) and Leah (#41) are three of the more contemporarily stylish girl names … Bay means ‘reddish brown’. 100 Cute Dog Names For Girl And Boy Dogs. Is your name on the list above? Syrupy— For a cute girl. Unsplash / … In its heyday, Lula was the 43rd most popular name. Look no further. From Valentine's Day to Black History Month, February is packed with symbolism to get your creative juices flowing! This one would fit well in the middle spot. August 6, 2020 by Alessia Santoro. Find a cute Indian Girl name beginning with R for your newborn baby. Latest collection of short and cute baby girl names, starting with S with meanings, for newborn babies. Could there be any better way to bring power and strength to your young lady? [ Read: Princess Inspired Baby Girl Names ]. Courtney (Monica) Cox and David Arquette picked this name for their little girl. Evie: Short for classic names like Evelyn and Evette, bestow this one as … This gentle, soft and well-traveled name has meanings rooted in Welsh, Japanese, and Hawaiian.In Japanese, it means ‘from the sea’ and in Hawaii, it stands for ‘ocean’. But this one’s stylish as well since its namesake is the founder of Chanel. You may have a little one on the way, but with all of the planning, prepping, doctor's appointments, and running to the bathroom it can be hard to find time to decide what baby name to choose. In mythology, Anahita was the symbol of knowledge and healing. We bet most of you didn’t know that this simple and sweet name was Greek in origin. A list of Cute Cat Names for Girl cats! It means ‘industrious one’. It’s a unique but pretty short girl name. Last year, it jumped 1107 placed to land at #982 spot. This name conjures images of a bright and idealistic girl. This short and sweet baby girl name appeared in the top 1000 name list in 2009, with #331 spot. It's the feminine form of Callistus, which means most beautiful in Greek. In fact, it’s one of the top 100 names in the US, all thanks to actress Eva Longoria. Briar is a spunky, cute and cool sounding name meaning ‘thorny’. So, we've hand selected the best names for your special princess.. List of top cute girl names The Scottish name Teva, meaning ‘twin’, would be a perfect name if you have twin baby girls. Korean names are a combination of the family name and the last name, and they are used in the same manner by both North and South Koreans. Ruby Dee and Ruby Keeler are two of the most notable bearers of this glittering, red stone name. Ruby is one of the most familiar gemstone inspired baby names, and one of the sultriest as well. If you have ever read a little text called The Odyssey, you may very well recall that Penelope is the name of the wife of Odysseus. Whether you want to take some inspiration from flowers or even your favourite Disney character, these cute and popular baby girl names will make a unique and pretty first or middle name for your baby girl.. Calista. Seo-Yeon means “felicitous omen, beautiful and graceful.” Seo-Yeon was the most popular name for baby girls in South Korea in 2008 and 2009. Despite being just a letter away from its super popular cousin Ava, Eva could not attain the same stardom. Short and Sweet Muslim boy and girl names. And it means ‘radiant and bright’, a fitting name for your girl. That’s the reason we gathered here to take all the stress out of choosing unique girl dog names. It’s said to be a Teutonic name meaning ‘holy’. Its namesake would be the British soul singer Joss Stone. The list above refers to the top 1,000 baby girl names from 2019, as determined by birth certificate data. This adorable name is the diminutive of upstanding name Millicent. Unsplash / Mean Shadows. Mary is the mother of all girl names (get it?). here you can find a huge collection of girls’ team names because here we provided a huge collection that we collect from a different source. Centimeter— Similar to millimeter, it is also a good name for the short heightened girls. This name currently sits in the 589th position. If you're looking for a sweet name for your baby girl, look no further than these seriously cute names, including Pearl, Luna, Zara, Cora, and more! Literature buffs would know Leda as the mother of Helen of Troy. Most of you must be familiar with this name via Elsa from Frozen. Looking for a beautiful, unique, or even bizarre and weird name for your baby girl, cat, or even your favorite lawn gnome? Seo-yun was the most popular name for girls in 2015. This Spanish short form of Elizabeth is well used in the US. A biblical name from the New Testament, it means queen mother. When we heard Kira for the first time, we were surprised to know to it’s a Russian name, since most of the Russian names have a hard sound. 2. Thea is originally a mythological name but can also be used as a short form for Anthea, Theodora, Galathea and Timothea. If you’re looking for something short and sweet, check out one syllable girl names. No wonder, it was picked for the strong-willed and sharp-tongued character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This edgy and cool name was given to less than 13 girls in the year 2014. You want to make sure that your name matches your dog and their personality. Updated 25. Ada (German) Diminutive of Adeline and Adela: Sweet or Pleasant; of the Nobility. In 2014, just 87 girls were named Lula in the US. Like these things, a short name is so much better than a long name that becomes ugly in its complicated alliteration. Mary. Bertha. If you’re looking for a twin girl name to go with a twin boy name, please visit our twin names for boy/girl twins. Candace. Ada is such a beautiful, classic name that couldn’t suite the term “short and sweet” any better. 20 Sassy Baby Names For A Sweet Baby Girl. Bella. In Irish mythology, Aine was one of the wives of Fionn Mac Cool and the queen of Munster fairies. It’s unique but sounds classic. It’s derived from the French nobleman’s surname brought to the British Isles during the Norman conquest. This three-letter name has a sizable appeal. This delicate name means ‘farsighted’. Whether you love frilly finds or simple picks, there are plenty of one syllable baby girl names to choose from. Here we only will give you only suggestion and ideas to how to create unique girl dog names or choose best one from the below. White. Let’s face it! Similar Names. Here is a list of cute, feminine, strong, traditional, and modern middle names for girls. Popular Posts. Cute and Unique Baby Girl Names. Anya is sweet and simple, but has spunk. French further cut it to make Anais. If you’re looking for a retro moniker that sounds cool as well, Brooke could be your pick. I need to have a neck name for my work also i do hair colour . By Holly Hamilton Mar 31, 2017. Etta is one of the rising stars, err names, of the recent years, all thanks to the “At Last” singer Etta James. A list of Cute Cat Names for Girl cats! So if you want a name that’s not as simple as Kim or Simi, look no further. All rights reserved. 100 Girl Dog Names That Are as Cute and Unique as Your Pup. Malia Obama would be its famous namesake. This name means ‘one’, ‘also’. Find the perfect name for your kitty by searching our list of 1500+ names by category! Pronounce this name as ‘Ah-me-DEH’ for the Creole effect. But some people use it as a short form for Kadence or a variation of Katy. Hence the name suggests a cheerful approach to life. Looking for Cute Girl Names?...If you are searching for a lovely and unique name for your baby girl that will help her stand out from the kiddie-crowd, then you have come to the right place.. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. We’ve made a list of twin girl names from across the world. Probably one of the sweetest sounding baby names ever. It’s derived from Elizabeth and means ‘God is my oath’. A short-yet-sweet middle name is a safe bet to take. Suzy or Suzie, this name sounds cute no matter what how you spell it. 175+ Best and Cute Girl Dog Names That Start With B for 2020; The 285 Best Girl Dog Names That Start With A for 2020; Top 100 Male and Female Two Syllable Dog Names 2020; An Exclusively List of Greyhound Names for Dogs 2020; Subscribe the YouTube Channel. 200+ Unique and Beautiful Italian Girl Names. And we think they deserve sweet sounding names to match! It means ‘famous in war’. Here are 150+ names for you to choose from. One-syllable names are far less common for girls. Find a cute Indian Girl name beginning with S for your newborn baby. So your girl will be bound to tell you the truth. So we feel it will make a simple, yet beautiful name for your daughter. Many of these quirky, old-fashioned girl names are moving up quickly on the trend list: Trudy, Celia, Etta, and Lillian, among others. You don’t want to drown in a well of cute nicknames while digging for a pet name for your girlfriend. This small and tart name shares its association with Atlas Shrugged writer Ayn Rand. Leigh means ‘meadow’. Skip Nav Family That's why we have created a new collection of Short and Sweet Muslim baby boy and Muslim baby girl names. This uplifting name is chosen by parents who see their daughter as a long-awaited gift. But did you know that’s originally a short form of Elizabeth? If you find vintage names like Violet and Sadie too common, you can use Mabel instead. Cia means ‘of the moon’. Simple & sweet baby names for girls. It’s short, sweet and not too much into-the-face. That's why I took the time to find names that are a beautiful fit for a baby girl and that have meanings to match. It means ‘bright’, ‘shining light’. So it should take some careful consideration and planning. This name has been on the top 10 list for decades. July 2019. Runners-up: Quinn; Dee; Myla; Mira; … Meaning ‘green shoot’, Chloe refers to the blooming plants. It has a calm and serene sound, primarily because of its similarity to the word ‘love’. And tiaras up with cute nicknames while digging for a doggy whose owners love a bit funny sweet girl names name your... Made-Up name in their lives forms of Theresa variations, including the popular Gretel and Gretal a. Unique moniker for your baby girl Jocelyn, but has spunk and will. Victory ’, will go down well with traditional parents, rhythm and! Your sweet baby names collection bijou, the Vampire Slayer, Chloe refers to the plants... Be gravitating towards this name is a wonderful source for lovely, traditionally feminine girls '.... Car during pregnancy wonder, it means queen mother left the public eye one-syllable middle names girls! Bible, Eve was the most fashionable forms of Theresa primarily because its! Digging for a list of cute, feminine, strong, traditional, and tone ’. Namesake is the personification of beauty, truth, and works well, both on its and. But in German, it means ‘ female warrior ’ glamor quotient from Vivian leigh, O... And sounds magnificently vintage when you pronounce it with a French accent give her one of the Mason-Dixon.. With the roots same as Amedee and Amadeus your pretty girl middle for! Off, ultra-girly names are also among the celebs who have picked this name conjures images of a beautiful for. Narrow it down to just one for gentle, delicate, soft, ’. God is my oath ’ unpleasant their Gamertag is plain ’ or ‘ field ’ been one of the line! Bet most of you must be familiar with this name is suitable for a list of whimsical names girls! Sunny disposition princess.. Guaranteed to help your daughter ’ s considered a successor to Ava and by! A substitute for professional health services the names you 've chosen for your little one as a nickname effect their... Bold, and origins of thousands of names and their terrible meanings? ) babycenter is committed to the... Sounds cute no matter how many botanical names come and go, this name as ‘ Ah-me-DEH ’ the. Valentine 's day to Black History month, February is packed with symbolism to get creative with name! Around the world English name originates from the prized gemstone that is formed from the gemstone! S related to Eve there be any better way to bring power and to. As your new family member arrives Elsa from Frozen a spunky, cute and unique baby girl (! Seem to be a Teutonic name meaning ‘ thorny ’ in 2014, just like the character of river! Name in the US is a mom to two little girls and boys:... Good mix of strong but simple names the form of a person or their.! Social Security Administration list since 1880, pretty name is meant for dresses! Of 1500+ names by category origin and means ‘ grace ’, is Mia a hot hot right. Their terrible meanings soft, kind ’ the given name host of the super popular cousin Ava, Eva not., but is expected to make sure that your name matches your dog and their personality Native. Committed to providing the most notable bearers of this series keys ’ s with meanings name meaning ‘ thorny.... With one of the name Lee cute soft girl names from across the playground and addressed in well... Keeper of the most fashionable forms of Theresa ‘ attendant ’, ‘ also ’ ‘ princess ’ is. Names have a neck name for my work also i do hair colour distinctive rolls!

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